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TOPIC: Oct. 22, 2012 Update

Oct. 22, 2012 Update 5 years, 4 months ago #224

  • Ron Inman
New low of 21F this morning outside and almost below freezing inside. Made coffee and breakfast by headlamp. Wrists and ankles are feeling yesterday's workout moving firewood. I see the sun around 11AM when it rises above the mt range. At least the skies are clear. I'd rather be dry at 25F than work in the rain at 55F. It's so beautiful here. The hummingbirds are gone but I can see a bald eagle high in a nearby tree watching over me.

This week I ran into a family on a neighboring island and two groups of hunters. They were all kind enough to give me some treats and leftover food from their trips. Amazing stuff. This morning I had a Coke! It's been almost four months. That stuff really might catch on one day. Plus I was given a Bible. I think it's the fifth I've received now but is much appreciated. Glad to meet such nice folks though I suspect tourist season is coming to a close.

Down to 24F for the first time this morning. Feeling a little sore from moving firewood yesterday but it's all moved from the beach and forest to the trailhead. Today I'll stack it by the cabin and then cut some more. I probably have enough to get by now but I plan to triple this if I can before the heavy snows start.

Another exhausting day of firewood work. They say firewood heats you three times. First, when you cut it. Second when you carry it home. And third when you burn it.

New low temp for the season this morning. 26F. Inside was 41F without the heater. I feel great. The lows of winter are usually around 10F. I'd be pretty comfortable without heat if I were working. Looks like this may not be so bad with a warm cabin and a good dog.
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