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TOPIC: Sept. 26, 29012 Update

Sept. 26, 29012 Update 5 years, 4 months ago #215

  • Ron Inman
Answers to some questions. Sometimes I can see comments. Sometimes I can't. I often can't post updates due to weather. If I disappear for a month or two don't panic. I have beacons for help. I'll be fine. Don't call for help. Contact my gmail and my team will react. Yes, going out to the beach isn't necessary but I want to capture it on film while I can still get down there. I have a back up plan if rescue isn't possible. I've stashed 2 tents, 4 sleeping bags and some left over goat food deep in the woods. There is the ruins of a shack from 100 years ago still standing. If my cabin falls or burns down I could hide out in the shack until spring. That would be brutal but I would survive. The video, photos and writings so far are being burnt to encrypted Blu Ray DVDs and hidden in three spots on the island. If I die, someone knows where they are and how to decrypt them so they won't be lost. The roof panel wasn't installed wrongly. I simply haven't finished the roof. I tacked it in place and meant to get back to it. Well I got back it now . I am considering some additional straps which would go around the whole house and hold things together for an additional level of security. I know it sounds like I'm putting things off but I'm not. Just have a lot to do. The roof is now insulated but the walls are only half done. The stove needs to go in. I need to check the insulation under the house. I need to keep working on my electronics. I need to fill my water barrel the rest of the way. I need to collect firewood...I don't think I'm forgetting things but the list is long and time is short. I also need to rest enough and not hurt myself. So far, no illness and no injuries. I have a lot to be thankful for. The turbine did not charge my batteries in the storm yesterday. Not sure why. Really annoyed but I'll figure it out. On the positive side, it runs well in hurricane force winds. Nothing hit it and it has plenty of wind. This should be amazing once it's actually working. Getting by on solar now but that is fading. Winter is coming. Just rewired it 10 minutes ago. Should know soon if it works. I have plenty of other hats. I'll go to the beach today to see if the nice one washed up. Not optimistic.

Hurricane force winds on the beach made it difficult to stand, walk or even breath. The wind was like needles on the skin. Some of the spare plywood blew away and my hat was lost in the rushing waters of the river. A piece of metal roof panelling blew off as well but was repaired. This morning the island is silent as if nothing even happened yesterday.
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